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The Growing Connections Community

Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) is a rare condition that affects not only the child diagnosed, but also their entire support network. Each family member has different needs while creating their new normal. Pfizer, in partnership with the MAGIC Foundation, created the Growing Connections Community as a source for those living with GHD and their care partners to focus on their emotional wellness through:

Support in coping with a new diagnosis

Reassurance and support while adjusting to treatment

Raising awareness of, and advocating for, children living with GHD

Hearing the lived experience of other children and caregivers in the GHD community is an important source of support and encouragement for those who are newly diagnosed. Advice from those who have “been there” is validating and provides inspiration to families who are beginning their journey.


Experienced GHD patients and caregivers have an opportunity to support those who are newly diagnosed through the Growing Connections Community. You can share your story and give tips, advice, best practices, and motivation to the families who need it most.

Not an actual patient.

Are you or your children interested in sharing your real-life stories, experiences, and advice with growth hormone treatment to help new families?

We are interested in hearing from caregivers, children, and even siblings or other relatives who can offer insight helpful to these families.


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