Living Well With Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)

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Living With GHD

A new diagnosis of GHD is a challenging time in the life of a child and their caregivers. It can be helpful to know that support and resources are available for managing the ins and outs of living with a rare disease. Hear from children with GHD and their caregivers who have found ways to manage GHD and build a life around their new normal.

Emotional Wellness

Caring for mental health is part of a holistic treatment plan. Having a support system in place will help. Children and their families may experience a host of emotions and challenges surrounding a new diagnosis, coping with a treatment plan, and talking with friends, family, and the school about GHD.

Medication Tips

One of the challenging parts of managing GHD is the use of injections to treat the condition. Some children (and adults) find needles to be scary, which may cause anxiety before injecting. There are several tips and tricks to try to make injecting easier, including:

  • Cuddling or physical touch from a caregiver during the injection
  • Distracting from the injection with games or toys
  • Prepping the area for the injection
  • Small rewards for receiving an injection
  • Watching a video of another patient receiving their injection

Not actual patient.

Are you or your children interested in sharing your real-life stories, experiences, and advice with growth hormone treatment to help new families?

We are interested in hearing from caregivers, children, and even siblings or other relatives who can offer insight helpful to these families.


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